Finding The Best Natural Supplement For Weight Loss

While undeniably a difficult undertaking, there are many resources available that can help turn weight loss into a winnable battle. One of the most useful lies within the myriad of natural supplements that can help boost your metabolism, greatly expediting the fat burning process. It’s not as simple as picking any random supplement off of the shelf, however. You have to make informed purchases to ensure your success.

Chinese green tea with flowers in itIt goes without saying that there’s no sense in hanging your hat on a fat burning method that ultimately does little good. It begs the question: what is the best natural supplement for weight loss? To help you get started, we will discuss several worthwhile options.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a useful supplement given its ability to keep your insulin in check. Insulin is a hormone in the pancreas that regulates the transfer of glucose into energy. If this isn’t working properly, it easily leads to weight gain and the potential for further complications such as diabetes. It’s been determined that low Vitamin D levels go hand in hand with poor insulin sensitivity. If you find you always feel tired no matter how many calories you’re eating, Vitamin D supplements can help you feel more energetic with far less food overall.


Though not as much of a “household name” as Vitamin D, Polyphenols are undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy options for the best natural supplement for weight loss. These antioxidants occur naturally in green tea, and they can boost the metabolism by as much as 17 percent. If you’ve ever wondered why green tea is hailed as a weight loss remedy, it all leads back here. Of course, you can also find pure polyphenols in supplement form if that particular beverage isn’t to your liking.


Calcium resides naturally in most fat cells, and research has shown that a greater abundance of it helps the body with the fat burning process. Calcium supplements also help bond the mineral to fat cells that are being stored within your gastrointestinal tract. As such, they’ll be kept from absorbing into your blood stream, preventing further weight gain.


The human body craves protein naturally. Poorer quality foods tend to rely on fillers that only leave you hungry for more, which creates a cycle of overeating. It’s not hard to imagine how the problem gets out of hand from there. If your diet isn’t particularly rich in healthy amounts of protein, you can utilize supplements as a counterbalance. Your natural ratio of body fat to muscle should improve, and you’ll require far fewer calories to feel full.


MUFAs (otherwise known as mono-unsaturated fatty acids) are another great means of inspiring weight loss naturally. These are found within the likes of nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, olive oil, and peanut butter. Naturally, you can also find them in pure supplement form. You should consider utilizing both means of MUFA intake since several of the foods above make for healthy snacks. You should give yourself every chance possible to avoid poor eating habits!