Eliminate Guilt with Healthy Snacks

Some people are under the impression that snacking is bad for you and equivalent to a guilty pleasure. Not so! When you eat healthy snacks, you’re doing your body a favor.

Most people grab a snack because they’re hungry in between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. Healthy snacks not only take care of the hunger and guard against overeating at main mealtimes, but they do it in a low-calorie and nutritious way which also helps to keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel. In fact, weight-loss plans almost always include such snacks as part of the weight loss process. After all, starvation is never recommended as a way to lose weight. But whether you’re trying to lose pounds or not, whenever possible reach for whole, natural/organic snacks totaling 100 to 250 calories.

No matter if you’re at home, at work, at the beach, or on the road, here are some guilt-free healthy and nutritious snacks to eat between main meal times.

Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella SticksCherry Tomato and Mozzarella Sticks Snacks

Here’s a fun, tasty snack that comes to about 25 to 30 calories a piece. Cherry tomato and mozzarella sticks are an excellent way to satisfy your hunger, and they’re super easy to make.

Purchase a container of organic cherry tomatoes, one or two packages of fresh organic basil leaves, an eight-ounce package of natural Ciliegine mozzarella balls, and a package of toothpicks.

Take one of the toothpicks and stick it through a cherry tomato, top the tomato with a basil leaf, then top the basil with a mozzarella ball. Viola! You’re done!


Raspberries and BlueberriesRaspberries and Blueberries Snacks

Here’s a summer snack that is not only packed with antioxidants but is delicious and pretty to look at, too. Raspberries mixed with blueberries are an excellent treat to buy in season beginning in July. Be sure to buy them organic, and one of the best places to find them without chemicals or pesticides is at a Farmer’s Market, popular during the summer months. Just fill a bowl with the healthy snack of raspberries and blueberries and have at it! A 1/4 cup of blueberries mixed with a 1/2 cup of raspberries is approximately 37 calories.


Healthy AlmondsAlmonds Snacks

One of the easiest ways to get a healthy snack and to satisfy your hunger is with a handful of natural almonds. The nut is a high-quality protein, and an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, and good-for-you unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and more. But keep your snack to no more than 17 to 20 almonds, because each almond totals approximately seven calories.


GranolaGranola All Natural Snacks

It is possible to find healthy snacks that come in a package. One of them is granola, such as Bear Naked All Natural Granola in Banana Nut. A 1/4 cup of this granola equals approximately 150 calories. Eat it as a dry snack or add some fat-free organic milk and consume it as cereal. We all know that cereal is not just for breakfast. It can be a great way to satisfy your hunger before lunch or before dinner.


Healthy snacks are an excellent way to satisfy your hunger and do something good for your body, and they taste great too. So have at it with no guilt. But don’t overdo a good thing. If you’re close to your lunchtime or your dinner time, skip the snack and just go for the main meal. And when you do eat healthy snacks, limit them to one or two a day, and be sure to consume them between a healthy breakfast and lunch and/or a healthy lunch and dinner.